LinkedIn: Is That Still a Thing?

July 14, 2020

Welcome back to “Is That Still a Thing,” where we look at social networks and examine whether or not it’s worth investing our time and energy into growing an industry presence there. Today, we’re looking at LinkedIn.


When LinkedIn launched in 2003, it was a place to host your resume and connect with potential employers. Yes, you can still update your work history on LinkedIn, and yes, employers can still post job openings on the network, but now that is only a portion of what the site has to offer. Through videos, chat, link sharing, and even an online learning platform, LinkedIn has grown beyond its simple beginnings over the years. In 2020, LinkedIn has morphed into what we like to call “Facebook With a Tie On.”


As of March 2020, there were 675 million monthly users and 30 million company profiles on LinkedIn. Most of those users are between the ages of 25 and 29, with elder millennials and Gen Xers making up the next highest demographic category.

Whereas most people on Facebook are there to connect with friends and family, LinkedIn users come to the platform to expand their professional networks. Since LinkedIn is focused on business and industry, the conversations and communities that develop on the network lean towards industry exploration and leadership.

You’re much less likely to find funny cat pictures on LinkedIn then you are on any of the other social networks out there, but you are much more likely to find your next employee, your next employer or maybe even your next client.


Yes. Whether you’re representing a large company, a small mom and pop, or even a single individual, you should be on LinkedIn. Of all of the major social platforms, LinkedIn and Facebook are the two we always put on top of our recommendation lists.

LinkedIn gives you all of the same community-building tools that Facebook puts at your fingertips, but the focus is always on business. That means your effort will go even further. A single ad on LinkedIn has the potential to reach 12% of the world’s population.

Having a strong presence on LinkedIn allows you to connect with your clients and your colleagues. It will enable you to share your company culture, and add your voice to meaningful industry discussions. Being active on this business-centric social platform allows you to become a thought leader, make a name for yourself and stand out among the crowd.

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