Make Your Pop-Up Shop Stand Out

September 4, 2018

Pop-up shops are popping up everywhere – at tradeshows, restaurants, concerts and even as a store within a store. With brick-and-mortar costs on the rise and traditional retail struggling, big brands have started to recognize the power of the pop-up. Look to the likes of Target’s Bullseye Bazaar and Amazon’s Treasure Truck for examples of pop-ups that are working in a big way.

Pop-ups can also work wonders on a much smaller scale. They are a fantastic way to create a portable and customizable shopping experience that connects with your customers in the places they’re already gathering. To stand out and stay competitive, you have to use your space to showcase your brand and what makes your shop unique. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Know Your Audience
Be sure to research the venue or the event where your shop will be to understand the theme and the potential customers who will be there. You can also reach out to property managers or event organizers to help you tailor your pop-up shop experience.

Visualize Your Space
Find out all you can about the space your pop-up display will occupy, and make sure your shop will fit. Think Goldilocks: it shouldn’t be too big or too small. If any other vendors will be there, learn about them and tailor your product offerings to complement theirs, while still being unique.

Choose Your Product Wisely
Don’t fall into the trap of packing your display with everything you have to offer. Be selective with your product. Show off your best and give your customers room to browse. Include both apparel and hard goods so shoppers can easily see all the options you offer. As a final touch, decorate everything in your display to be consistent with the branding of the venue or event that is hosting your space.

Customize, Customize, Customize
It can be tempting to just go with what you already have, but just a little extra effort can go a long way in crafting a memorable experience. If your pop-up display includes a changeable background graphic, create a version that is specific to the event or venue. It’s often the little things that will catch attention, so add relevant accessories into your display, such as record albums for music events or team gear for sporting events.

You’re Open For Business
You’re set up, you’re stocked up and you’re ready to go. While customers browse, remember that sharing on social media is a key part of the pop-up shop experience. Take pictures and encourage shoppers to do the same. When someone comes into your shop, talk to them, answer any questions they might have, and enjoy being there with them!

With planning, preparation and a pinch of creative juice, your pop-up shop can be the star of the show. For more information about why and how to build a pop-up shop, take a look at our how-to guide about pop-up displays, or watch our SanMar U webcast about The Power of Presentations.