No Time Like the Present(s)

October 5, 2021

You don’t need us to point out the obvious. If you’re reading the same headlines and listening to all the podcasts we are, you’re no stranger to navigating the work-arounds in the challenging supply chain climate.

But do let us take you on a path to the presents: holiday presents.

Speed and urgency being the keywords this year, our digital Holiday Gift Guide is aptly titled “It’s Glow Time.” Ordering months in advance with urgency is your best defense against longer shipping times and empty shelves later.

We purposefully skipped printing the guide this year to remain current in our gift theme selection as stock levels shift. We also selected items dense in inventory, but will update the guide as some items will likely sell out before the holiday season ends. So, make sure you download the latest versions from the Holiday Marketing Toolkit. And for The North Face customers, you’ll see an alternative gift guide available.

We organized the guide with four personality-forward categories to inspire you to think about the recipient.

For commuting both near or far, these are the ready-to-glow styles for wherever your office may be right now.

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Soft picks for all the feels. Blankets, hats, and wraps to pamper and keep you comfy and warm while chilling at home.

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For those who consider their carbon footprint with every step they make, these sustainable styles make regifting feel good.

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Sport-minded, cool-weather layers, like waterproof rain jackets, and belt bags that set the pace on the trail or track.

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You can also watch our recent webcast for a personal tour through each of these sections and what you might find there.

Have your vision for the type of corporate gifts you’ll offer this year? Download the daily inventory report available at the top of this webpage. TIP: add the page to your list of favorites on your browser window.