Prepping For Game Day Just Got Easier

February 15, 2022

Being part of a team is something truly special. The unity and collective dreams can generate countless memories of friendship and perseverance. For me, marching band was my ultimate “team” in high school. We practiced together, rain or shine, wore matching tees and game day was always a big deal for us.

Looking for the right sporting apparel and accessories should be easy and our new What Do You Wear On Game Day? website is an end-user tool designed specifically for the sporting goods market. With a wide range of styles right at your fingertips, you can save all the hard work for game day.

Build Up Your Lineup

Finding and saving your favorite items is a breeze. While searching through the countless tees, sweatshirts, caps and accessories, you can easily add any item to a “lineup” which collects the styles in one location. This lineup can then be shared with anyone for a simple and easy way to view curated collections.

Anyone can build a single lineup. But for those looking to build multiple lineups and check inventory levels you can create a profile. Being able to access and view inventory levels is a game changer and something you’ve been asking for!

Search By Color or Sport

We know that team colors are key to promoting support, which is why the new website makes it easy to search by specific colors. With a wide range of team colors such as Red, Lime Shock, Gold, Black and more, you can quickly funnel down to a specific hue of apparel and accessories.

Want to search by a specific sport? We’ve got that search feature, as well! From football to tennis, soccer and hockey, cheer and marching band — we have the looks that both teams and fans will love.

Prepping for game day just got easier and you never know whose day you’re about to make. For me, I still remember when I received my emerald green windbreaker, the logo of our high school marching band embroidered on the pocket. The jacket was Port Authority and even then, years before I found myself at SanMar, I knew I was part of something special.

From the field to the marching parade route and beyond — what do you wear on game day?