Promotional Apparel Markets: Health Care

March 5, 2019

For most health care professionals, it’s not just their job, it’s a calling. Understanding and anticipating a health care organization’s needs is critical to becoming a trusted provider and partner in this ever-growing and changing market.

Health care is one of the largest markets for decorators, and also one of the most challenging. As marketing budgets tighten and digital and social media become priorities, where do branded apparel and hard goods fit in? Many of the rules have changed, but you’ll still find plenty of opportunity if you look in the right places.

First, recognize that health care marketing has evolved: “It is essential for brands to provide their consumers with memorable experiences that inform, delight, and foster an emotional connection—especially within an industry as emotionally-driven as healthcare.”

Health care organizations use imprinted apparel throughout their system, from scrubs to suits, for brand visibility to patients, vendors, employees and medical staff. This is more than marketing – it helps patients identify health care professionals quickly and easily, and helps to keep hospitals and clinics more secure.

Medical uniforms – such as scrubs and lab coats – are generally the largest volume request from health-care providers, with polos and sports shirts also needed for administrative staff. The Nike Dri-FIT Classic Polo, with its clean styling and moisture management features, is a big hit in the health care market.

The wellness movement also creates some unique opportunities – think of branded fitness trackers, water bottles, stress balls, even first aid kits and hand sanitizer.

Health-care organizations can be large. Some may make consolidated purchases from a single vendor, while others allow different departments to work with different vendors. Remember that they’re looking to you to make it simple to get what they need, on-budget and on-time. Be sure to offer solutions that fit the range of their needs, get to know your customers to anticipate future opportunities, and you’ll soon become an integral part of their important work.