The Return of the Dad Hat

October 25, 2016

When you think of cool, what comes to mind? If you thought “Dad’s wardrobe,” you’re not necessarily wrong. Maybe it’s not your dad’s wardrobe, but many dad-like items are trending in street style.

From Hawaiian shirts to pulled-up socks, many faux pas are now trend-right. But, one look currently reigns supreme…the dad cap. You know the six-panel caps that died in the ’90s, but remained on your dad’s hat rack while you moved on to flat brims and fitted caps.

So who’s wearing them? From rappers to singers and reality stars, the dad hat has gained traction among celebrities. What’s more, the trend is gender neutral with celebs ranging from Kylie Jenner to rapper Rihanna getting in on the trend. Thought leaders and influencers are the driving force behind the hat’s revival. Both Jenner and Rihanna boast massive social media followings, which all but ensure this trend will continue to grow in popularity.

The hats themselves are pretty simple. They generally come in a range of flat colors with simplistic embroidery that’s center-aligned to the two front panels. Both the District Camper Hat (DT629) and Thick Stitch Cap support this trend.

If you’re looking for more dad hat inspiration, check out our board on Pinterest.