Styles To Be Thankful For

November 22, 2023

I don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving kind of crept up on me this year. Around this time last year I was driving down to Los Angeles to visit my daughter for the holiday. This year is going to be a little more quiet, giving me more time to reflect on things I have to be thankful for.

When it comes to my work, I’m always grateful when there’s something new and unique to write about.  Something that helps people feel cozy in the colder months is great too, and it always feels good to see more clothing that speaks to SanMar’s sustainability values.

Carhartt Dog Chore Coat

Business Unusual

Cotopaxi Cusco BackpackWhen it comes to unique items, I don’t think anything fits the bill quite as well as the Dog Chore Coat in instantly-recognizable Carhartt Brown. SanMar’s first-ever pet accessory is an unexpected yet welcome choice for anyone who’s dedicated to Carhartt or simply wants to show their dog some love.

I was genuinely delighted to see our Cotopaxi line grow recently with the Cusco 26L Backpack – the biggest pack we carry from this beloved brand, and the ideal size for a long hiking trip or a full day at work. It also speaks to sustainability, crafted from 100% repurposed polyester fabric, but the one-of-a-kind color makes it a unique surprise gift that you’ll thank yourself for later.

Carhartt Firm Duck Sherpa-Lined Blanket

Cozy Comforts

New Era Pom BeaniesJust because the weather gets cool doesn’t mean life stops. There are still picnics to be embarked upon, campsites to be vacationed at and tailgate parties to be had! The Firm Duck Sherpa-Lined Blanket from Carhartt is a sure-fire companion that will thankfully keep you comfy during any of these activities.

Since it’s hard to walk around with a blanket over your head, a good beanie is the next best way to keep your head warm when temperatures drop. The Faux Fur Pom Beanie and Knit Chilled Pom Beanie from New Era are fun and on-trend ways to give thanks for that extra layer of cozy comfort.

The District RE Collection

100% Thankful

Port Authority Recycled BackpackWhile there are many ways to recycle clothing and textiles, the idea of using recycled fabrics to create new clothes still feels like a big deal to me. Since the Re-Tee was introduced a few years ago, made from 100% recycled materials, I’ve been very grateful to see it do so well that it’s now grown into the RE Collection with 12 unique pieces available.

The only thing missing from the RE Collection (for now) is a sturdy recycled bag of some kind. I’m thankful, then, that we’ve recently launched a backpack and a tote bag, both made of 100% recycled polyester, that give users a responsible way to carry everything they need.

When I think about it, there’s plenty to be thankful for this year. While my kids are spread across the country, we’re planning a Lord of the Rings watch party on Thanksgiving Day that’s sure to be fun. I get to work with people I love hanging out with at a company I admire, that’s constantly making new things for me to write about. As one of our old friends once said, “it’s good to be us.”

All of us here at SanMar hope we’ve given you plenty to be thankful for this year too, and we wish you a warm, safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday.