The Ultimate Summer T-Shirt Playlist

July 31, 2018

There are a lot of songs written about t-shirts – some of which we can’t mention here! As an essential wardrobe piece and a key part of many summer events, we thought we’d highlight some of our favorite songs featuring a t-shirt.

Want to rock out with everyone’s favorite grizzled band? ZZ Top’s Girl in a T-Shirt is about a girl who likes the finer things in life, but is just as content decked out in her favorite t-shirt.

We’re based in the Seattle area and we still love our grunge bands and artists. The Foo Fighters released T-Shirt in 2017, a song of encouragement and a reminder that things get better (after they often get a whole lot worse).

Wanna go a bit country? Blake Shelton croons about an adventure he took with a special girl, and the shirt she purchased to remember that experience in Got the T-Shirt. I’m sure many of us can related to purchasing a souvenir shirt – though probably not while we were actually with Blake!

English indie rock band Circa Waves sang all about T-Shirt Weather on their 2013 debut album. The song is an anthem to summer shenanigans, having good times and soaking up the sun during the so-called t-shirt weather.

Who can forget The Plain White T’s hit from 2005 Hey There Delilah? While not a song about shirts, per se, the band’s name evokes that simple classic and wardrobe staple we all know and love.

This list is in no way comprehensive but it’s a fun reminder of the impact of tees on all walks of life, to all people and around the world. We hope you’re enjoying t-shirt weather, wherever you are right now!