Three Reasons Your Team Will Get Into WonderWink Scrubs

September 7, 2022

What would you say if someone challenged you to name the GOAT hospital show (Greatest Of All Time)? Maybe Grey’s Anatomy, still going after 19 seasons? ER perhaps? House, anyone? All shows where everyone looks good in scrubs…oh hey, there’s another big-time hospital show: Scrubs.

Ever considered scrubs for your (non-hospital) team?

WonderWink ScrubsThe unbelievable comfort of WonderWink® scrubs is one of many reasons they’re fast becoming a popular day-to-day workwear choice in all sorts of jobs. In addition to their easy stretch and soft feel, scrubs are ideal because your team members never have to worry about work tasks or circumstances ruining any of their favorite (and more expensive) outfits. Plus, scrubs are easy care and a real time saver when it comes to getting ready for work every day.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the three reasons (and then some) your team could really get into WonderWink Scrubs.

VERSATILITY. Ideal for many jobs beyond hospitals.

  • Health & Wellness: physical therapists, dental offices, pharmacies, outpatient clinics, eye clinics, chiropractors, acupuncturists, podiatrists, veterinarian offices and animal groomers
  • Personal Care: spa workers, masseuses, nail salons, barbers and stylists
  • Home Services: house cleaning, carpet cleaning, pool care, pet sitting and walking, food and product delivery
  • Assistance Services: in-home care, child or adult day care, foster homes and assisted living facilities
  • Hospitality: housekeepers and janitorial
  • Scientific Fields: chemists, biologists, zoologists, botanists and forensic analysts

Take a look at our WonderWink Media Library portal for videos, imagery and selling tools to help you explore these markets.

COMFORT. Moves with you through every task, all day.

Do your team members regularly twist, bend, reach, squat or generally exert themselves while performing their daily tasks? They’ll find WonderWink Scrubs a welcome work companion, thanks to their stretch, give and soft feel.

The 8 Colors of WonderWink

EASE. Just grab your color & go.

With WonderWink Scrubs, there’s no “What should I wear today?” conundrum. Many teams have a particular color or set of approved colors, so it makes getting ready for work easier.

The WonderWink WorkFlexTM and Premiere FlexTM collections both come in eight colors. Depending on your service or setting, team members can match scrub top and pant colors for a cohesive head-to-toe uniform. In other work environments, wearing different top and pant colors may be just fine, allowing everyone to dress to their preferences.

Either way, the workwear choice is simple every day with WonderWink Scrubs. Plus, they’re easy care — just machine wash and dry.

Why stop now? There’s time for a couple bonus reasons to choose WonderWink!

Styles & sizes for every body on your team

The WonderWink WorkFlex collection features a classic look and offers the largest size range. Tops are in 2XS-5LX. Pants range from regular inseams in 2XS-5XL, petite in 2XSP-2XLP and tall in XST-2XLT.

The fashion-forward Premiere Flex collection includes women’s tops and pants in 2XS-5XL. Adult tops and pants are in XS-5XL.

In addition, there’s a WonderWink Women’s Long-Sleeve Tee that layers well under either collection for extra warmth and comfort. These trim fit tees come in 2XS-3XL and 4 colors.

Ready to decorate — or not

The company logo. A department identity. Your team slogan. WonderWink Scrubs are decoration ready. But if logos or other graphics aren’t appropriate for your service or team, no problem. There’s no decoration requirement when you order WonderWink Scrubs.

Check out all your WonderWink choices today.