Today’s Modern Hybrid Commuter

October 19, 2021

Modern adaptable blazersHybrid workplaces are here to stay. For many of us, the definition of “office” has evolved into something that exists across multiple locations. We may start our day in a coffee shop before stopping by a co-working space, or we might hang out at home in the morning before visiting the office. No matter what, the concept of a commute has changed for quite a few people and appears to be sticking around.

With companies like Apple, Amazon and REI offering increased flexibility to employees on a permanent basis, many of us are seeing similar shifts in our workplace. When REI President and CEO Eric Artz made the announcement he said, “This year has shown us our [work] home is not a building. Our home is wherever we find ourselves doing our best work.”

Versatile wovensThe modern-day work environment demands adaptability and flexibility and styles are following. Increased attention to versatility within apparel and accessories helps make the most from a workday. Think of streamlined pieces that are built to look professional while also remaining functional and comfortable. For example, there are elevated blazers that have the traditional silhouette, yet have performance features such as stretch, a durable water-repellent finish and molded zippered pockets. Or you can find classic woven shirts that feature the traditional button-down front while also featuring stay-cool wicking technology and stretch. And when it comes to outerwear, multi-functionality is the name of the game so it can be equal parts fashion and function.

When you’re not sure where the day will take you (or what kind of weather you might encounter!) having a versatile wardrobe sets you up for success. Commuting may look different, but your apparel and accessories can adapt alongside your day.

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