Trend Alert: You-Niform

August 21, 2018

A uniform is no longer simply an outfit of nondescript clothing we have to wear. In today’s world, a uniform has evolved into something so much more. It has transformed into a You-Niform.

The tables have turned when it comes to trends. As we continue to live in a world of information overload and social sharing, it’s our unique identities that become our individual you-niforms.

Today, you can change your identity as often as you upload pictures to Instagram. “Custom” has taken on a whole new meaning as individuals make their style their very own. The goal is to look like no one else, while allowing your attitude—not your age—determine what you wear and how you style it.

The same is true for men’s fashion. Stereotypes are fading as men look for officewear that reflects their own fashion sense over “tried and true” standards.

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