Workleisure Evolved

May 18, 2021

The term “workleisure” is one we’ve all come to understand on a personal level in the last year. It represents how delicate the balance between work and life has become, blending work-at-home comfort with an eye toward professionalism and style. This isn’t a new concept, but it developed considerable relevance as the Coronavirus pandemic developed.

We’ve lived with this idea for over a year, and like most things, what workleisure means is evolving. While comfort is still a priority, feeling put together and professional is making a very real comeback.

With this is mind, let’s take a look at where the evolution of workleisure has brought us, in the form of a few specific pieces that bring casual comfort and professional style together beautifully.

The City Stretch Polo and Ladies Top from Port Authority® are basic staples of the new workleisure wardrobe. With Easy Care features and snag resistance to keep them low maintenance, moisture wicking and odor resistance to keep them comfortable, these simple pieces add a clean and professional look without sacrificing the feeling of laid-back ease.

The Code Stretch Long-Sleeve Button-Up and Polo from OGIO® add an additional element of stretch to further enhance the soft feeling. A modern and polished look elevates the comfortable feel of the performance fabric, creating shirts which are anything but ordinary.

Finally, the Ladies Luxe Knit Jewel Neck Top and Tunic from Port Authority® bring a longer length and a relaxed fit into the mix for the ultimate in comfort. Modern styling and a clean look come together with a rayon-spandex blend for tops you can wear year-round, in any context.

With offices opening and more workers getting back to work, we’re sure to see further changes to come in what people are wearing and how workleisure looks and feels. A professional look never gets old, but if we’ve learned one thing in the last year it’s that comfort is here to stay.

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