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The Dos and Don’ts of Virtual Meetings

April 28, 2020

We’re all getting to know the benefits, challenges and pitfalls of videoconferencing a little bit better these days. A virtual meeting is a fantastic alternative to meeting face-to-face, especially while we’re staying home to stay healthy, but it can also make for unintentional comedy gold when things go off the rails. If you don’t want … Continued

7.5 Tips for Looking Good on a Video Call

April 14, 2020

In the last couple of weeks, how many video calls have you been on with dark, shadowy figures who are just as likely to be a cadre of classic movie villains as they are your coworkers and customers? You don’t need expensive, studio-quality equipment to look good on a video. In fact, you don’t even … Continued

Industries Still Buying Branded Apparel

April 7, 2020

Unusual times call for unusual measures, and these times are about as unusual as they get. You are no doubt already feeling the impact COVID-19 has had on your business and the promotional products industry as a whole. In many areas, “non-essential” businesses have been forced to close, not to mention the thousands of festivals, … Continued

Tips and Tools For Staying Connected

March 20, 2020

I’m writing this from my living room. My cat is looking at me strangely because I’ve stolen the seat he often spends all day sleeping in, and my wife is playing Minecraft. I’ll likely join her once I’ve finished. Welcome to our new normal. At least for a while. Here at SanMar, in response to … Continued

Introducing SanMar Design Studio

March 3, 2020

If you’re into do-it-yourself projects, you know the feeling. You’ve got a shiny new tool, and you literally cannot wait to see all the things you can do with it. How much faster will you be? How much better will your final product look? Why are you asking all these questions? Let’s get to work! … Continued

Promotional Apparel Markets: Hospitality

February 25, 2020

“Do what you do so well that they want to see it again and bring their friends.” — Walt Disney — It may seem like magic in the moment, but the example Disney sets at its theme parks and cruise ships and resorts is one of an intricately crafted hospitality experience. This experience is shaped … Continued

Facebook: Is That Still a Thing?

February 4, 2020

Welcome back to “Is That Still a Thing,” where we look at social networks and examine whether or not it’s worth investing our time and energy into growing an industry presence there. Today, we’re switching gears a bit and looking at the most popular social network out there — Facebook. WHAT IS IT? According to … Continued

Memories of Tradeshows Past

December 17, 2019

Tradeshow season is just around the corner, starting in January with ASI Show Orlando, PPAI Expo and ISS Impressions Expo. With the big shows on the horizon, we thought we’d crack open the SanMar archives and take a look some of our favorite booths from years past. The 1990s Early 2000s The Last Decade What … Continued

IGTV: Is That Still a Thing?

November 25, 2019

Welcome back to “Is That Still a Thing,” a new feature here on the Fabric Blog where we look at some of the more niche social networks and examine whether or not it would be worth investing our time and energy into growing an industry presence there. Today, we’re looking at a relatively new entry … Continued

So You Want To Make a Webcast

November 12, 2019

You’re good. In fact, you’re so good at what you do that you’re ready to share some of the secrets of your success with the rest of the world. One way to do that is through a webcast. A webcast is simple in concept: it’s a video that is streamed live online and also recorded … Continued