Adventures in the Shire

January 20, 2021

Let’s start the new year with a cup of kindness, like we sing about in “Auld Lang Syne.” Let’s talk about the shire.

Just using that word should conjure an image in your mind: a safe and cozy neighborhood where everyone watches out for one another. It’s a place where you could live your best life, end each day with a mug of your favorite beverage and maybe even have a happy adventure or two.

Believe it or not, this is not some high-budget fantasy and you don’t have to go to New Zealand to experience it. We’ve been in the process of creating shires of our own for some time now, a trend that has found even more resonance in the last year.

ProspectingFarmers MarketsDoes it get much more adventurous than exploring to find hidden treasures? Pay-to-dig prospecting and local scavenger hunts are just a couple of the ways you can experience your local area and discover something new and precious. You’ll need tools and a way to carry those tools and the Carhartt® Foundry Tool Bag or Waist Pack can be your sturdy companion on your journey.

The word “local” has become a personal mantra and an aspirational goal for many. While working, learning and even teaching from home, many of us yearn to reach out to our neighbors, sometimes for the first time ever. The “buy local” trend was on the upswing before 2020 and has found even more traction during the pandemic. Making a trip to the local farmers market is a fantastic way to connect with your community. “Local” is now shorthand for connection, for being a part of something bigger or even for kindness itself.

Two-Mile WearSustainabilityHave you heard of “two-mile wear”? It’s what you wear within a two-mile radius of your home and is usually made up of transitional core apparel appropriate for both indoors and out. The New Era® Tri-Blend Tee and Hoodie are perfect examples of this, with an elevated, soft fabric and a true ease. You can just throw them on and head out the door. If you’re going shopping, bring your Carhartt® Insulated Tote along for an easy way to keep your purchases safe and fresh.

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have gotten us accustomed to buying essentials online, which means brick-and-mortar stores need to step up to craft a safe and compelling experience for potential customers. Oscar Farinetti, founder of sustainable food store Eataly, has developed and sponsored Green Pea, a retail project designed from the ground up to show respect for the environment and exist in harmony with nature. Sprawling, stressful urban spaces are being reshaped into the five-minute city, a place with every necessity in quick and easy reach. We expect that the workers we see every day in these spaces have uniforms that are comfortable and easy to work in.

SafetyThe Easy Care Port Authority® SuperPro React Twill Shirt and Polo fit right in with the human scale of our new neighborhood, and protective workwear like the CornerStone® ANSI 107 Class 2 Mesh Zippered Vest becomes essential.

Our neighborhoods are slowly but surely turning into our shires and living in a shire means a change of priorities. Our focus is shifting from extravagances to everyday essentials. This creates a very real business opportunity as you and your customers find ways to become a part of your local experience.

Join us in February as we explore the next aspect of investing in our shared future and take a closer look at how what we do in our yard affects the world around us. See you then!