Centerstage: Cozy Contentment

March 10, 2020

If you’re happy and you know it… you may be the only one (clap, clap). Are we living in a post-happiness world? Between the weighty political landscape, personal financial concerns, COVID-19, climate change and all of zillions of things that are thrown at us in our daily lives, being the happiest person in the room can be a challenge. That is unless you are from Finland, Denmark and Norway. They are the world’s top three happy campers. The U.S.A., on the other hand, actually dropped a spot last year to number 19 according to the World Happiness Report.

Personally, I sincerely hope you are happy — and you know it! And while it may sometimes be tough to find your happy place every day, many are now finding Cozy Contentment through what they choose to wear.

We are about to give winter the cold shoulder and put more spring in our step. The month of March usually comes in like a lion and go out like a lamb. So, bring on the transeasonal clothes! These are items that help you “weather” the times when your day will begin like a lion ready to pounce – cold and miserable to start. Then later in the day it becomes lamb-y. The sun comes out, lifting the fog and warming our souls for the rest of the day. However, contentment isn’t just a feeling, it is also a lifestyle choice. For many, it is a necessary stop on the path to overall happiness.



Cozy comfort. We’re talking a teddy bear you can wear. The Port Authority Cozy ¼-Zip Fleece (F130/L130) can get you through the colderearly-spring days and nights, or you can just carry it with you to throw on when needed. The fleece jacket moves into new product areas like how it crosses into the streetwear space we talked about last month and it lets you check off the transeasonal box as well.

Contentment can be found in so many different ways. We have lots of options that allow you to find your own cozy.

UP NEXT MONTH: The journey continues as we solve problems with clothes that are both fashionable and functional.