What Flavor Do You Want to Wear Today?

July 29, 2020

It may be the end of July, but there is still so much summer left to go. Styles are showing up and showing out in all of their sun-drenched glory. This month, let’s take another look at color through our trending summer shades. Here’s the scoop.

Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? Full disclosure: I’m crazy about ice cream. I have often used it as a kind of “medicine” during tough times like now when I am missing some of my favorite summer activities like enjoying ice cream with friends and family. I don’t think I’m alone in that statement. It struck me that there is a certain beauty in the colorful shades of ice cream and that it is a part of the magic summer and ice cream bring to me.

Last month I said that color is emotional and meaningful. Today, let’s explore color by considering exactly how we are using it to be a type of “medicine” in the same way many of us use ice cream (you know who you are). I want to look at how colors, both expected and unexpected, are coming to our rescue and acting as a type of color therapy when we are out of sorts.

Trend Alert

Three color palettes are making waves this summer: grounded neutrals, power pastels and mood boosting brights.

Staying Grounded

Let’s start off with grounded neutrals – a range of colors that literally make up the colors of the Earth. Even their names evoke thoughts of the Earth: oatmeal, wheat, ivory snow, garnet and vino. Colors like these are inherently understandable and that feels good. They also have a nostalgic quality and nostalgia also feels good right now.

In the spirit of nostalgia, we’re up for taking a second look at our clothes that may have been counted out as too dull, too brown or lacking spunk. We are once again interested in putting them on “high rotation” in our current wardrobe.


The Peaceful Powerful of Pastels

Power pastels are color therapy at its finest. They possess a soothing comfort that invokes stillness and light in our uncertain world. They make you want to slow down and put the world on pause for a moment. We’re talking about pastels that could be as bright as a minty green or an Easter egg baby blue, or as pale as a beach-wash or a garment-wash.


The Art Part

I love bright, happy colors! They do a lot of good for my spirit. Wearing a sunny yellow or a spirited red can really be a mood booster for you and for anyone who sees you wearing your cheery colors.

Consider Cotopaxi, SanMar’s newest brand addition. Talk about mood boosting brights! Have you seen the colors on their new packs that we are offering? They are bright. They emote happiness. AND they are wearable art. The people who sew them together are actually empowered to put the colorful pieces of the bag together in whatever pattern they want. You are not likely to run into someone with the same bag that you have. It’s unique, like you! This is a major selling point for certain buyers.

For example, Gen Z isn’t always worried about what is trending on the runway. They are often picking clothing that speaks to their ethical values. Instead of loading up on lots of in-one-minute-out-the-next items, Gen Z chooses just a few quality, timeless and artistically interesting pieces for their closets. They rethink the pieces they invest in, because for them, “slow fashionovertakes “fast fashion.” Cotopaxi hits all of those marks.

These three very different color groups can be very therapeutic and can help us out whenever we need it. Grounding Neutrals, Power Pastels and Mood Boosting Brights all have a meaningful place in our kits when it comes to trending fashion and staying healthy. Don’t forget to throw in a few pints of Rocky Road in your kit too. Those helpful hues (and ice cream) are definitely good medicine everyone can get behind.

In August, we will take a tiny peek ahead to what will warm up the fall and winter months. See you soon.