Inside Out: Fall 2023 New Arrivals

July 26, 2023

This has been an interesting summer for me so far.

In June I got on a plane for the first time since 2019 and I’ve also been traveling with my wife to local fairs and events all summer. I’ve seen more unfamiliar places and met more new people face-to-face in the last few months than I have in the last several years. Crowds of people at airports and street fairs feel both intensely familiar and vaguely strange.

It’s no wonder that the concept behind the Fall launch of new apparel and accessories at SanMar – Inside Out – feels so right to me. Emphasizing adaptability and flexibility, having new experiences and seeing familiar things in a new light…yes, those things track for me right now. They make sense.

Re-Compete PolosThe Fall selection of new products was put together with this same philosophy in mind. Over 130 unique new products across every category is a big help when you’re looking for new ways to meet the different needs of your customers. It’s also a lot to take in all at once. To help you get started, many of these products have been grouped into four overarching themes.

Fashionably Sustainable

As we’ve discussed recently, the demand for sustainable apparel is rising almost as fast as the awareness for why it’s needed. Customers want to know that what they’re wearing is made in a way that minimizes its carbon footprint and respects the people who make it. This Fall, were introducing 20 new styles that accomplish these goals, including:Sport-Tek Outerwear Jackets

Classically Comfortable

Fall is the season of comfort, and SanMar is here to help get your customers ready to cozy up and hunker down as the weather changes. New outerwear and fleece are perfect for warm layering options while hats and blankets keep everyone toasty and comfortable.
Brooks Brothers

Uncommonly Familiar

Elevate your customer’s story by putting it side-by-side with a brand they already know and love. When they’re looking to leave a lasting impression, the instant name recognition and familiar logos of these brands can make a big difference.

The New Perfect Blend From District

Practically Perfect

To wrap it all up, District® has accomplished the impossible and made the Perfect Blend even more perfect. The new Perfect Blend CVC is a rich, softer-than-ever fabric, setting a new standard for a perfect choice.

  • 60/40 cotton/polyester blend
  • Finer yarn count
  • 15 new colors
  • Four new silhouettes

If your year is shaping up like mine has been so far, versatility is your watchword and rolling with the changes is on your daily to-do list. Whether your customer has needs for work indoors or outside activities, our Fall collection of more than 130 new styles of apparel and accessories has plenty to offer everyone.