Re-Introducing the District RE Collection

August 1, 2023

District Re-TeeA few years ago we had this novel idea. What if the fabric scraps that were left over after a shirt was put together could be used to make more new shirts? Wouldn’t clothing made this way answer the growing demand for affordable, sustainably-made apparel by reducing waste while creating the quality t-shirts our customers expect?

That idea became a reality in 2019 with the Re-Tee, our first shirt made from 100% recycled materials. The response was immediate and overwhelmingly positive. Which is why we didn’t stop at just one shirt.

The product development team at SanMar kept on developing new apparel styles made from fabric that would otherwise end up going to waste. Since 2019 they have developed 12 total styles across five categories of apparel and accessories, all of which are available today in the RE Collection.

What We’re Made Of

We start with cotton scraps from other garments that would otherwise end up in a landfill and add polyester made from rPET plastics, which are recycled from plastic bottles and other types of food containers. Because the resulting fabric keeps its existing color, we also save water and minimize chemical use by completely avoiding the re-dyeing process.

What We're Made Of - The Process

A Demonstrable Difference

We’ve been making clothing and accessories this way for a few years now, and just as importantly you’ve been purchasing it for your customers. It’s because of your enthusiastic response to the evolution of the Re-Tee that we can now see the effect it’s had on our industry and our world.

In 2022 alone, sales of the RE Collection products made a measurable difference in the world we share.

  • Avoided the equivalent carbon emissions of about 151,111 commutes
  • Saved the equivalent water of approximately 2,561,298 loads of laundry
  • Kept about 106 garbage trucks’ worth of waste out of landfill

Sustainable Style

District Re-FleeceThe growing selection of comfortable and affordable tees, fleece and accessories, the RE Collection makes a clear statement: Sustainability is always in style. Here’s all the options that you’ll find when you take a closer look at the RE Collection.

Today’s RE Collection is proof that a passion to be part of the solution our world needs combined with innovation can accomplish the unexpected. It grew from a simple idea and a single t-shirt into a new way to think about promotional apparel. And we’re just getting started.

Keep an eye on the future of the RE Collection from District for more clothing and accessories that are born from scraps and worn with pride.