The New YOU-niform You’ll Want to Wear Everywhere

March 24, 2022

Bubbling under the surface for years, the workplace trends accelerated by the pandemic aren’t going anywhere. The increased focus on the needs of a multi-generational workforce, a healthier work-life balance and the shift to remote working have put the employee in a place of power.

Parallel fashion trends like the rise in athleisure have uncovered the need for apparel that seamlessly fits in all aspects of our lives. People simply don’t want to divide their closet. They want one wardrobe that’s business-appropriate, weekend-ready and comfortable.

It’s fair to say that as companies convert corporate offices into the spaces employees will want to come back to, it’s a good time to rethink, or rather reform the uniform.

Introducing Mercer and Mettle

Embracing emerging work models, Mercer+MettleTM is a catalyst of change for companies looking to adopt a culture in which employees have the freedom to express their personal style, at and after work. According to a recent survey, SanMar revealed that one in four 18-to-24 year-olds would only apply for a job at a business with a stylish, modern uniform.

By bestowing workwear classics designed with a contemporary aesthetic in a selection of refined fabrics, the new brand exclusive to SanMar offers ample versatility for the workforce’s ever-increasing mobile lifestyle. The collection’s subtle variations on traditional pieces, like the tailored shirt-inspired jacket, make for a cooler, more personal presentation.

Mercer and Mettle TeamMercer+Mettle allows clients to outfit employees by layering an array of reimagined knit polos, soft jersey tees and wovens under a selection of trend-right outerwear and performance raincoats — that all transition between work and personal time.

This is a brand that recognizes the importance of an employee who feels comfortable and is encouraged to be their authentic self. As far as potential Mercer+Mettle customers, forward-thinking businesses like innovative tech start-ups that blend corporate and culture and experiential-based boutique hotels with upscale amenities both reflect the tone and sophistication of the collection.

The workplace has changed, maybe for good. What we wear to work has to adapt to his new reality. Mercer+Mettle lives up to this promise, offering a “go anywhere” look that encourages everyone to be anything they want to be.