October’s Hopeful Shade of Pink

October 11, 2016

When you think of October, what color comes to mind? Once celebrated for the annual transition from green foliage to autumnal hues of gold, orange and red, October is now linked to another color: pink.

October commemorates Breast Cancer Awareness Month and pink is the campaign’s identifying color. Each year, breast cancer awareness campaigns raise an estimated $6 billion. Funds raised by these campaigns support breast cancer research, early detection education programs and subsidize the cost of mammograms.

The work behind breast cancer awareness campaigns is critical to outcomes. Breast cancer remains the leading killer of women aged 20 to 59 years. More than 1.4 million new cases are diagnosed annually worldwide, but education and early detection can improve outcomes. For women diagnosed in the disease’s earliest stage, survival rates are exponentially higher, making education and early detection invaluable.

How can you help? Fundraising is the driving force behind the movement. From races to merchandise, apparel plays an important role in fundraising efforts. If you’re looking to get involved this October, there are many organizations devoted to supporting breast cancer programs.

Research how you can help and connect with an organization that supports that end. With more than 1,400 IRS-recognized, tax-exempt charities devoted to breast cancer, there are many different organizations in need of support. Consider working with a local organization that has a greater impact in your community.

Don’t be shy to share your story with customers. Good works stories can resonate with customers who are equally invested or interested in supporting a cause. Make sure that you are transparent in how you plan to use the funds you raise and how they will contribute to promoting awareness. Transparency is key!