There’s No Hiding It: Camo is Cool

October 4, 2016

Camouflage, in its endless patterns, colors and canvases, doesn’t belong solely to hardcore hunters anymore. True, camo is part tactical gear and part “uniform” for outdoor enthusiasts, but today camo is everywhere. From camo couture to hot hipster accessory, camo has somehow managed to break out of its traditional twig and leaf pattern and integrate with the latest trends. But one thing has stayed the same — there is something inherently rebellious and burly about camo, even in pink.

Rob Dubow, Founder and President at Dubow Textile in St. Cloud, Minnesota says there’s nothing soft about the popularity of pink camo, especially. Camo has been a prominent part of the landscape for the 25 years they’ve been in business. But he says, “In the last 5 years, women have become a larger part of the hunting scene. We see a significant amount of pink camo coming through our plant.”

At SanMar we’ve also watched camo sales for a range of items climb steadily over the past five years. Both apparel and accessories are popular items for embroidery and decoration. The new sublimated digital CamoHex prints, plus fleece jackets and camo caps have all been hits with our customers. What better way to showcase serious patriotic pride, company spirit and team unity than camo? It sends a message, loud and clear.

Rob says when it comes to meeting the needs of customers who are checking out camo, it is helpful to determine how they plan to use the products. Often corporate customers choose camo not so much for practical use, but rather for perfect backdrops for corporate logos. Experienced hunters, he says, wouldn’t want to add bright orange to camo — but tone-on-tone enhances the look of camo while preserving its functional use. Camo applique is also popular, he reports.

Want to add some hot items to your stock? Consider these options:

Ladies Love Camo

As Rob shared, pink camo is, “… doing very well for us. The women aren’t wearing them in the field … but they’re making a fashion statement about it.” Our Russell Outdoors® Ladies Realtree™ Cotton V-Neck shirt (LRO54V) features a contoured feminine fit in muted pink camo. This tough but pretty tee rocks their world for ladies on the hunt for style, too.

Cap It Off

Camo caps and hats are in high demand. According to ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute), 41% of people in the U.S. own a cap marked with a promotional logo. From shout-outs to candidates to showing love for favorite brands, nothing says it louder and prouder than a camo cap. For one of camo’s most on-trend looks, stock up on New Era’s® Snapback Trucker Cap (NE205) and watch them fly off the shelves faster than off-road racers.

The Fleecing of America, Camo Style

For an authentic piece with broader appeal, check out Port Authority’s® Microfleece Full-Zip Jacket (F230C & L230 C). With authentic Realtree® camouflage stitched on the shoulders, sleeves an sides, this lightweight jacket is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts or those who just want to look like one!

Stay tuned. Next week, the team at Stahl’s will make an appearance on our blog. They’ll share expert tips for best practices on decorating on camo you won’t want to miss!