Prepare For a Positive Reaction

March 2, 2021

How do you react when life throws you a curveball? Your reaction to the unexpected defines whether you’re seen as cool and collected or disorganized and discombobulated. The difference often comes down to preparation.

It’s the idea of being prepared for whatever comes your way that inspired the ReactTM collection of knits and wovens from Port Authority®. Infused with SuperProTM technology to repel stains, these resilient shirts are built with the professional uniform in mind.

The ReactTM Polo is where classic uniforming style meets the ultimate in performance, resisting stains and snags alike. These are made from a polyester/cotton pique fabric and are available in adult and ladies sizes.

The wovens of the ReactTM collection are even more versatile. In both adult and ladies styles, these utilize a soft twill fabric that resists wrinkling and is comfortable enough for year-round wear. You’ll find both long-sleeve and short-sleeve varieties available.

Whether it’s for a corporate uniform, a hospitality destination or your customer’s next trade show appearance, ReactTM polos and wovens open up a wide variety of possibilities. With 18 colors that match across the whole collection, these shirts are not just built to last – they’re also meant to help you build a compelling uniform look for your customer.

There’s no way around it: the world is going to surprise you sometimes. What really defines your character is not what happens to you, but how you react to it. With built-in features to resist stains, wrinkles and snags, the ReactTM collection from Port Authority® will make those who wear it feel ready for just about anything.