SanMar’s Latest in Sustainable Apparel

February 24, 2021

Sustainability is not just an item on a checklist. As SanMar’s sustainability manager Emily Gigot says, it’s an ongoing process of identifying the impacts of your business and working to address them.

Our 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report identifies six overall objectives we have committed to work towards as a part of this process, to create positive change in our local communities and reduce our environmental impact. One of these is to continue introducing new products with sustainable inputs and processes to the promotional apparel market.

All of SanMar’s products are sourced ethically and with sustainability in mind, with a few of our newest items standing out in particular.

If you’re looking for sustainable apparel you’re probably already aware of the District® Re-Tee®. This simple t-shirt, made from 100% recycled fabric and never re-dyed, has been a game-changer in sustainable apparel ever since we introduced it in 2019.

In the spirit of improving on a good thing, we recently added a Youth Re-Tee® to the family. It’s made of the same soft, comfortable recycled fabric, now available in youth sizes. The Re-FleeceTM is another recent addition, applying the same principles of recycled, sustainable fabric to warm and cozy fleece sweatshirts that just feel good. These expand on the selection and end-use possibilities for sustainable team and fanwear with warmer options for adults and tees for the whole family.

The Allmade® Organic Cotton Tee is a brand-new addition, made from 100% organic cotton fabric. Organic cotton is grown according to organic agricultural standards, which include farming and processing practices, as well as limitations on the substances that can be used in cotton production. Combined with Allmade’s commitment to ethical sourcing, this is a tee that is made sustainably and priced affordably.

These new additions are just a part of SanMar’s ongoing mission of doing business sustainably and responsibly, and there’s plenty more to be done. Keep an eye on the SanMar catalog in upcoming months and years for new sustainable apparel options, as we continue to walk this path towards a brighter future for everyone.

If you’d like to learn more about SanMar’s goals and how we’re working towards them, please download the 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report from