Safety First

November 10, 2020

When working outside, it is essential you remain visible. From jobs where individuals are in high-traffic intersections, to construction sites, to overnight shifts, being highly-visible can be the key to remaining seen and safe. We recognize how crucial safety is for many occupations out there, which is why we are excited to introduce even more of our safety workwear this fall.

New CornerStone safety vests and tees have joined our high-visibility lineup. Designed for the toughest jobsites, this new Class 2 and Class 3 gear is certified by an accredited, independent lab to meet ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 testing and requirements.

With seven new vests, CornerStone recognizes the unique needs and requirements for a wide variety of outdoor jobsites. Whether you are looking for a vest with a zipper, a vest with pockets for storage, or one made of lightweight mesh, there is a safety vest that fits the bill. For example, the new CornerStone® ANSI 107 Class 2 Mesh Six-Pocket Zippered Vest is loaded with six pockets for ample storage and accessibility to necessary items. The durable, reflective 2-inch tape meets ANSI 107 requirements and provides 360-degree visibility on body.

For those seeking a bit more coverage, we’ve also launched four new tees, both long sleeve and short sleeve, that provide the same kind of high-visibility as the vests. These tees are breathable and designed for durability while on the job. When looking at the CornerStone® ANSI 107 Class 3 Mesh Tee the fabric is not only breathable, but is also made of moisture-wicking fabric. With 360-degree visibility on body and sleeves thanks for the reflective 2-inch tape, this tee meets ANSI 107 requirements.

There are countless occupations that require individuals to spend their time at outdoor jobsites, where being visible is key to a safer work environment. Whether your team needs lightweight vests or long sleeve tees, we’ve got durable gear designed just for you. We recognize the importance of safety and are proud to launch these exciting new high-visibility styles.

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