Artisanal Nourishment

November 12, 2019

CocktailsAutumn is art to me. The earth-toned leaves are art. The shorter days make art of the longer shadows that come earlier and stay later with each passing 24 hours. Our energy draws from the art of being together. The slow transition from fall to winter compels our lifestyles to adjust from balmy to downright cold. The ’tis-the-season for cooking that comes later this month is art for your tummy and nourishment for your soul.

Trend: Artisanal Nourishment is In

Today you have artisanal coffee shops and artsy chill-out-and still-function “mocktail” bars that sit alongside the let’s-get-this-party-started traditional craft cocktails and beers at your local pub. Even a well-known national sandwich shop chain claims to have sandwich artists on the other side of the “Eat Fresh” sneeze guard. What I find interesting is that those varying degrees of artists, regardless of their gastronomical intent are all dressed in one article of clothing that is currently taking center stage: the apron!

The humble apron has gone through a style transformation. Once a crisp, white fashion staple taking up real estate upon a doting TV mom’s waist during the golden age of television, it is now filled with choices like our Port Authority® Market Half Bistro Apron or something full-length like the butchers style of Port Authority® Market Full-Length Bib Apron. This service industry icon is now multicolored, multi-textured, multi-functional, a crafted and creative part of the look that many in the service and hospitality industry are depending on to set them apart from the competition.

The apron has been through a style transformation

When you put an apron over a Port Authority® Broadcloth Gingham Easy Care Shirt (because keeping folks nourished can be messy work) or a Port Authority® Stretch Heather Polo (because keeping folks nourished requires a lot of movement), everyone knows it’s about to get real in a most delicious way! We see craftswomen and craftsmen in their aprons, and we feel like something that will provide sustenance for our mind and body is about to happen. That apron means something. It means you are there to add to the overall experience.

Add a distinctive layer for the everyday feel of want-to-wear clothes

The fabrics of today’s aprons adds a critical distinctive layer for an everyday feel of want-to-wear clothes that not only assist the patron in identifying who to ask for assistance, but exemplifies the professionalism the employee and employer want to show for the business.

It adds to the positive nourishment vibe you and your server are about to encounter together.

Next time we will go further into our nourishment journey with a look into what is good for you and what is sustainable for the Earth.