Collecting Self-Care Style Points

October 11, 2019

These days, having a good work-life balance is more than simply a perk. Collecting what is important in our lives and to our wellbeing is no longer something that you have to earn…it’s becoming an expectation.

Millennials and Gen-Z may have struck a deal with the world that will change the way we all manage those precious few hours in each day that we have to “collect” ourselves and what’s important to us.

The New York Times: Young People Are Going to Save Us All From Office lifeJust out: a survey saying younger employees look for jobs that fit into their lives and that they are not interested in employers forcing them to fit their lives into their jobs. The idea is that you don’t ever have to be in the office strictly from 9 to 5. They argue that you don’t have to be in an office at all. What used to pass for job perks like memberships to fitness clubs or free on-site meals are being usurped by meditation rooms, flexible work hours and paid extended family leave. This set of newer employees don’t see these as a bonus— they call it “being allowed to be human.” For them, this is non-negotiable. The jury is still out on if this is a sustainable model but for now it appears to be working in employees’ favor.

Today’s trending looks support a work-life balance that emphasizes comfort while nodding to the professional tone of an office outfit. New proportions lend themselves to movement when working out. A style such as the OGIO Endurance Ladies Force Hoodie (LOE342) is a perfect example of this trend. As this new way of living takes hold, the soft drape and lifestyle colors offered allow it to easily transition from “studio-to-street.” Or in this case, “studio-to-home office,” otherwise known as “land-of-the-video-conference call.”

No one on the call has to know that you’re wearing a performance OGIO Endurance Ladies Pulse Phantom Tank (LOE323) layered under your hoodie and the Sport-Tek Ladies Posicharge Tri-Blend Wicking Fleece Jogger (LST299). Style and comfort work hand-in-hand for those days when you have to meet a client, take your dog to the vet and then meet your girls for a short (but much needed) happy hour.

Self-care is the name of the game! Finding ways to live a more fulfilling life by combining our wellbeing needs with our career and work goals is the trend. Nothing wrong with looking good while doing it. In November, we’ll gather to nourish our needs for warmth, togetherness, fashion and food. Yes, there is an apron involved. See you then.