It’s a New Year for SanMar U

January 5, 2021

We’ve wandered many a weary foot, as the song says. 2021 has arrived, so let’s take a draught of good will and look forward to the year ahead. We don’t want to give away all the excitement we’ve planned at SanMar U, but here’s a snapshot of a few things you can expect to see in the next few months.

The Deco Talk blog will be bringing you more words of wisdom from our Decorator and Digital Solutions team. The DADS will be digging into topics like ghosting, how to avoid scorching on a heat press, and how to decorate on non-standard fabrics. I don’t even know what all those words mean yet, but I’m excited to find out! They’ll also cover how best to communicate with your clients, and they’re especially excited to tell you all about SanMar’s first DTG-ready t-shirt.

The Style Network has already given us a preview of how investing in our shared future will define many of the apparel trends this year. As we get deeper into 2021, we’ll be exploring the specifics more deeply too: what it means to see cities and communities on a human scale, how sustainability connects to us personally and globally, and how a renewed focus on our health fuels the engine of society as a whole.

The Virtual Business Toolkit was completely new last year, offering help and advice to those learning to do business without being face to face. While we expect that we’ll actually be able to see one another at some point this year, this is still going to be an important subject, and we’ll be adding to the topics covered here as the year progresses.

Last but far from least, the SanMar Radio podcast continues to explore in-depth conversations with apparel industry experts. The first few episodes for 2021 will feature SanMar’s new Diversity and Inclusion Council, an interview with our very own trend whisperer Vicki Ostrom, and Marty and Sharon Lott will sit down with our hosts to reflect on fifty years of doing business by being nice.

Did we mention that this year marks SanMar’s 50th Anniversary? You can expect more to come on that subject as well – keep an eye on too!

And with all that, there’s still more – we’ll be trying out shorter, more focused webcasts and adding to our growing library of how-to videos and tips and tricks.

So let’s take a cup of kindness and get ready for a great year ahead – SanMar U is here for it.