Fabric Blog:

iSpy SanMar 2021

November 24, 2021

SanMar employees are always on the lookout when we’re out in the world to see who’s wearing our apparel and why. It’s a little game we like to call I-Spy SanMar. Here are just a few examples we’ve noticed of teams and organizations bringing our clothes to life in work and play across the country this year.

Let’s Go To the Media Library

November 9, 2021

We’ve been busy making updates to SanMar’s Media Library. It still houses the photography and videos for all of the products SanMar offers, but we’ve done a little reorganizing to help you find what you’re looking for and maybe even discover something new. Since we’re way past card catalogs and the Dewey Decimal system, here are four ways you can find what you need on our comprehensive marketing resource.

It’s Time to Tackle TikTok

October 26, 2021

With the trend of short-form video rapidly taking over social media and over 1 billion active users every month, it’s time to take a closer look at one of the most popular (and least understood) social media platforms available today: TikTok.

Today’s Modern Hybrid Commuter

October 19, 2021

The concept of a commute has changed for many and those changes are here to stay. Find out how adaptability, flexibility and versatility define the modern-day work environment and the styles workers are wearing now.

Streamline Your SanMar Search

October 12, 2021

If you’re ready to take your search tactics to the next level, we have two words for you: challenge accepted. Get to know three sanmar.com search tools that will help you zero in on that in-stock inventory quickly and efficiently.

No Time Like the Present(s)

October 5, 2021

Our digital Holiday Gift Guide is strategically designed to help serve you and your customers in this time of supply chain challenges.

Cybersecurity: The Phish Are Out There

September 28, 2021

Most companies are affected by cybersecurity threats of some kind, resulting in possible information theft, compromised technical systems and financial loss. Many modern threats are the result of a practice known as phishing. Learn what to watch for and what to do if you’re subject to a phishing attack.

Transitional Outerwear: Ready For Anything

September 21, 2021

Transitional outerwear styles bring together ultimate functionality with adaptability and ease, with a wide range of water- and wind-resistance as well as warmth. Learn more about the different layers and features you should look for to be ready for anything.

Essentials For Essential Workers

September 14, 2021

If you’re wondering how you can support those who get out there every day to keep our world moving forward, a simple and heartfelt “thank you” is always a good place to start. Helping them stay safe and healthy while they’re on the job with a few essential items can also show your ongoing respect and appreciation for our essential workers.